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Technophile is an electronics company, who design and build products for anyone.
Below are products which we make or have made since 1997

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The TanDem Dual Gas Sensor

The TanDem Dual Gas Sensor offers you sophisticated CO2 and O2 gas measurement at a similar price to other standard probes and sensors. Formerly the reserve of expensive equipment, you an afford dedicated, individual, online monitoring and control of your processes. You gain the reliability and flexibility required in your facility. At a time of squeezed capital budgets, the TanDem fits your needs.

The Tandem is made and serviced by Technophile for Magellan Instruments.

For more information :- Magellan Instruments





The PID is a unit used in darkroom to illuminate objects without effecting the film processing.
The unit emits 2 flashes a second at a variable intensity, with one of five colours depending on you processing requirement. Our main customer is Kodak in the for production film.

Technophile makes these for Sonic Engineering

For more information :-  sonicengineering.co.uk 



The TD1 system was built for use in confined space. When working in a confine space area, one of the requirements is to have communication with the outside, which is normally done by use of radios, unfortunately radio signal can't be guaranteed underground. The system we came up with was a cable with sockets every 50 meters, which allowed you to plug in a comms unit and communicate with the surface. So far we have covered a distance of 2.5 kilometres with good communication.
To use system:-

From tunnel to surface           


Comms unit



Lift phone and turn switch

Buzzer goes, so lift phone and speak




From Surface to tunnel



Comms unit


Push call button and speak

Listen to message


Lift handset and dial unit

buzzer sounds and  beacon flashes          


For  more information email :- TD1@technophile.co.uk


Top unit

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